With more and more handhelds growing into prominence the industries too are striving hard to manufacture new products at a competitive pace. Palm Operating System, the arbitrary leader of the family of handhelds, has rendered the markets crowding with products ranging from objects of day-to-day use to exclusively business-oriented softwares. The one major reason behind its success is certainly its portability.

With portability comes the idea of travel. The speedy advent of exclusive softwares aiding travel holds sure promise for Palm to become the best travel companion in near future. Be it the business class or the tourist, people are gradually finding it easier to make the Palm desktop their most authentic travel guide – thanks to the software industry! We take a quick look at the applications that have made this happen.

The Bare Essentials

Palm Digital Camera
Turn your Palm Handheld into a Digital Camera (using Kodak PalmPix Camera) and shoot as many photos as you want during your tours.

Your first trip to Europe? Find out the best routes & road maps in and around the European countries with the help of ROUTE application created especially for your Palm.

Clock+ is
a multifunction digital clock, calendar, timer, alarm and world clock for the Palm OS. It covers around 1000 cities globally, easy to swap between home and world timezones.


The application that tracks airline, hotel, and car rental reservations as also ticket prices and important phone numbers.

PalmPilot Travel Tips
Save lists of airlines, rental car companies, hotels and holidays on your Palm to enable a smooth journey.


Pick Of The Month

AA Travel Companion

Besides drawing on the most popular site visits in Europe and 10 other countries around the world AA also provides a short background of the cities and their inhabitants, best places to eat, shop and get entertained, and valuable practical info for the tourists.

Michelin Red Guide

Founded in 1900, Michelin Guides have since then been the most authoritative companions for the travelers and tourists alike. Now they are available on Palm desktops. It is a comprehensive catalog of around 6500 prominent hotels in 70 cities and 20 European countries. Known for their evaluation of the minutest details as the cooking standards of the hotels, the Red Guide provides the users with a wide range to choose from some of the best places for food and lodging.

One can search for hotels under the city and town names by selecting from the drop-down menus. However, more focused customized searches can be carried out in terms of price, class, category and facilities pertaining to the hotels. The tourists can look up for “good food at moderate prices”. Details such as locations of local cafes, where one can look for local specialties at considerable rates are featured. One can browse through and bookmark the pages and spots in the Guide that would be of use to them.

Michelin Red Guide has greatly alleviated the pains of carrying critical information like the names of hotels and restaurants on chits of paper or bulky laptops – not to mention the memory! Now information is at fingertips. The Palm users have recognized the importance of having updated information so near at hand. The application runs on Palm OS 3.0 to 3.5 and are available in five different languages – English, French, German, Spanish and Italian – towards the convenience of the users.

More Info


If you could book hotel reservations on your way to the destination at significantly discounted rates wouldn’t you care to give it a try? Your Palm Desktop helps you get through.

In Focus

The Small Talk translator helps you transcend language barriers. Palm users have found the application extremely convenient in non-English speaking countries.

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